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DDs I Have Given

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I'm the Photomanipulation CV, along with Emerald-Depths!

Here are my basic rules:

  • I only take Digital Art > Photomanipulation suggestions and some Mixed Media suggestions (if they involve photographs being manipulated). I cannot feature anything else. For general digital art suggestions, please direct the note to Thiefoworld.
  • Make sure that the deviant hasn't already received a Daily Deviation within the past 6 months. FAQ #313: How can I find out if someone already has a Daily Deviation?
  • Credit must be provided to stock artists, and stock must be from legitimate sources (i.e., not Google). FAQ #217: What are "Stock and Resources" and can I use them in my submissions?
  • Please let me know if you want to remain anonymous as a suggester; if you do not specify I will assume that you want your name listed on the DD.
  • Send your suggestions to only ONE Community Volunteer!

How to suggest

Just hit the "Note" button on my profile page and add the subject: DD Suggestion. Include the thumb code for the deviation and, if you desire, the reason why you think the deviation should be featured.

I may not reply to all suggestions. Rest assured that I do give every suggestion careful consideration.


Sunset at Fox Mountain by Foxfires

Sunset at Fox Mountain

by Foxfires
Here are some amazing works from some amazing artists! Deck your halls, people!!


:iconsacred-seven: :icondigitalists: :iconprojecteducate: :iconda-yoga-challenge: :iconwe-heart-photomanip: :iconmental-health: :iconinspiredartistry: :iconombre-de-nuit: :icondigitalbrilliance: :iconcrphotomanipulation: :iconcommunityrelations:


Note: This Manip Academy tutorial is from LadyEvilArts. It is not my work. Please direct any questions, comments, love, or gratitude her way. Thank you!

Blending modes and photomanipulations

Few words about most used blending modes (bm), how they affect the image (positive and negative moments).

First of all I want to remind about the option of creating layer filled with neutral colour for chosen blending mode. Holding Alt press icon "create a new layer", Photoshop will show you window like this:

Just select desired bm and check "fill with ... neutral color". Sometimes it's very helpful.

Second, when you use blending modes for toning for example, use option "new adjustment layer - solid colour" instead of filling new layer with bucket. Solid color doesn't increase size of your psd file as much as pixel layer does.

And third - brush, clone stamp, history brush, bucket/gradient, all these tools have option to select bm in their settings. That means you can mix effect of several b-modes choosing different ones for the layer and for the tool you're using.

Now some info about several most used b-modes:

1. Multiply
What you have to know about it - it's reducing contrast of the area where it's applied. That's why it's used for drawing shadows, turning day into night etc. So be careful, for eg - you decided to darken the image that doesn't have much contrast - it will look totally flat Waaaah! In case you're really need to use that image, do some dodge and burn before.

Important! Do not use multiply to draw shadows on glittery objects like gems, glass etc. Use color burn instead. Highlights should be saved!

2. Screen
Foggy landscapes, contour lighting, lens flares - screen is great for that. Also reducing contrast, be careful using with low contrast images. Black is neutral colour for screen, if you have some nice texture on black bg, set it to screen, bg will disappear =) (Smile)
3. Soft light/Overlay 
Important! Overlay is not boosted soft light, their effects differ, even if it's sometimes not obvious. Who's interested why - read this… (warning - very technical info, and it's in Russian, but you don't need to know Russian to compare curves)
Photomanipulators like to use these two for different glowing effects, what you have to know - both blending modes have almost no effect on very dark or very light areas. They work very smooth, that makes them perfect for setting lighting nuances of the scene, for eg I worked on one of my pieces using overlay (red for lighting areas, purple for darken)

4. Color
Copies hue and saturation of the chosen color to your image, luminosity remains the same. Do not use it for complete recolouring of the object, objects are multicoloured! It's equal to using hue/saturation with "colourize" option checked, but without ability to change lightness.
Can be helpful when you want to get rid of unwanted colours, you may just paint on new layer picking samples from "good" areas, or make a copy of the layer, set it to colour and using smudge tool or mixer brush or clone stamp copy colour from close areas.

Hope this journal will somehow be useful! Hug


Galleries Month


These are the second set of seven galleries in the Photomanipulation category. Here are the first seven!

Landscapes and Scenery

Photomanipulations of places or scenery, real or imaginary.

Dracula's Castle by Whendell
Meadow by inSOLense

Macabre and Horror

Photomanipulations portray or evoke extreme fear, such as represented by blood and gore, or psychological terror.

a pain that i'm used to by eikoweb
CARNIVAL OF HORROR by mariano7724


Photomanipulations with human characters, emotions, or actions as the main focus.

Tender hands by ElenaDudina
woman artist by Vasylina
Imagination by Nikulina-Helena


Photomanipulations representing current or historical events in the political arena or depicting political figures.

GAZA IS BURNING! by A7md3mad
Condition by Aegis-Illustration

Pop Art

Photomanipulations displaying objects or scenes from everyday life that employ techniques of commercial art and popular illustration.

i am the dancing queen by tomatokisses
Reaching For The Stars by kaotickell


Science fiction photomanipulations depicting speculative scientific discoveries, space travel and scenes, and otherworld life forms.

Cosmic Enchantment by SilEnigmaArts
Worlds Factory by neverdying
Space by MaliciaRoseNoire


Photomanipulations that defy the laws of logic and/or physics, creating often dreamlike scenery in which the impossible and implausible are depicted.

But a Dream Within a Dream by KingaBritschgi
Passersby by xetobyte


Artist | Digital Art
United States
I'm Jaimie, but my friends in "real life" and online call me Jade.

I'm a Ph.D. Candidate in Public Health. That takes a lot of my time, but in my free time I enjoy creating art and spending time with friends and family. My best friend is a golden retriever; my two-legged best friend is amazing, too. :XD:

When I can find the time, I enjoy photomanipulation and dabble in painting with acrylics.
My favorite styles of photomanipulation are fantasy and emotional, but I love all art that is done creatively and with heart.

My personal favorites are the color red and anything Halloween-related.

Proud to be an
Angel without Wings Award by Nameda





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