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December 11, 2011
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Canon EOS 50D
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1/60 second
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Jul 12, 2010, 1:46:35 PM
Adobe Photoshop CS5 Windows
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Time is Precious by Aeirmid Time is Precious by Aeirmid
This is a resubmit of . I reworked the mist, lighting, parts of the sky, model, and probably other things I am not thinking of right now! :D

I like this one so much better and hope you will, too.

Time is precious. Cherish it, for you never know when it will run out.

Critiques are always welcome.


Resources Used:

Model: ^Elandria via #Dreamers-of-Avalon - [link]

Clock: ~MirandaRose-Stock - [link]

Mountains: Mine - [link]

Sky: Some painted, but also *Bugidifino - [link]

Thank you. :heart:
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A gorgeous piece of work hun.

Vision: The vision is stunning the lighting is perfect and well placed. Even the shine of the clock looks like it's in the right place. It looks nice and real and not like it has been misplaced or doesn't fit in.

Originality: I may have seen a few similar like this but not as lovely as this one. It's peaceful and soft. The colors are well blended and gorgeous.

Technique: The technique is very well done. I think the only thing I may have done was sharpen her face up just a tiny bit. Maybe painted a little bit of outline. As you see the clock is very sharp and crisp and her face is just a little blurred. Other than that it's perfect! Like I said the lighting and color is stunning. The hair is well done. The clock is perfectly placed. Shadows suit her well makes her look like she is actually sitting on the wall. The leaves I don't know if it's part of the stock but they are great. Great blur job with the vision of distance as well.

Impact: Superb it's soft gentle and emotional. Also it makes you wonder why she holds onto the clock and looks to it with such longing. Well done :clap:

Great job sweetie it's beautiful!!!!
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This is my first critique, encouraged by your article to get more involved in the community...well who better to test it on than the CV :D Not too sure how to do this so I'm following the format of =ChisSweetArt before me.

First off, this is a beautiful and soft piece that does quite well in capturing the audience's attention. The combination of colours and stocks work well together to evoke a sense of loss and longing (for me at least).

Vision: I love the idea of valuable time passing and it's a theme that is quite identifiable in this piece. One thing, though, is that perhaps this idea of fleeting time could be explored further as from first glance it just seems to establish just the idea that 'time is precious' and little of the implications/reasons for the idea expressed. However, it's still great as it is.

Originality: The idea is great, but unfortunately (being great) many people have done it as well, but it still doesn't detract from the good 'vision' of the piece. The painterly, composed style in this is also quite popular around dA which means that there are a few of its type around. Nonetheless, this still has its own unique features and elements such as your style contribute to it being different from others.

Technique: The technique in this piece is great. Straight off I can tell that a very competent artist has created this. Any critiques I have are mostly nitpicks.
The use of colour is quite appealing and the softness of the piece really helps convey the emotion.
The composition is strong with the focal parts (clock/face) being very dominant.
The blending of the piece including shadows and lighting was executed very well making it look like a plausible scene.
And a special mention - I really admire the way the skin was done, it's so soft, yet still looks realistic and not overly painted so well done on that.

A few things I did pick up, though , was that the lighting in the background seemed a little strong. It's not bad, just that the large amount of white makes the dress fade into the background a little and makes the model look a little undefined in that section.
The glow on the left hand side of the hair also seems a little strong and unusual. Perhaps instead to highlight the hair with light strands would help.
The bottom left hand side of the clock (where the shadow is) seems a little out of place from the rest of the image due to its sharp transitions in colour. Maybe this could be darkened a little and desaturated a bit too.
Finally, at the right hand side of the image the background transition seems a little off between the leaves and the hills. The cutting should be sharper or the fade more gradual if going for a DOF blur.

Impact: As mentioned before, this piece works well to evoke emotions. It may not blow the mind but it is still very pleasent to view.

Overall, well done! This critique has gone far too long :P and I think I need to stop now...
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Beautiful!! :love:
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very beautiful done :clap:
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divine ....
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Thank you! :D
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Very nice work, really well done, congrats my dear :clap:
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thanks! :)
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