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March 11, 2013
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Gallery Restructure: Photomanip and Mixed Media

Journal Entry: Mon Mar 11, 2013, 3:20 PM

What is this gallery restructure about?

How many of you get confused about which gallery to submit your art? I know I do sometimes, and I hear frequently that others do as well. This is your chance to help reduce that confusion!

The overall goal of the dA-wide gallery restructuring project is to reduce redundancy and make submitting art a lot more straightforward by making sure there is a home for every type of art. Moonbeam13 gives more information about the project here:

Gallery Makeover ProjectHello everyone :)
Recently my team and I worked tirelessly on a project to help improve the gallery descriptions and thumbnail examples.  While that project was indeed tedious with almost 4,000 categories in our system, it was also educational.  What I learned from sorting through thousands and thousands of categories was that we have a lot of redundancy and a lot of categories that seem to have been created on a whim that are now simply homes for junk.
Over the years, the desire to appease niche communities and people who just wanted a specific area has led to some categories that go up to 4 levels deep, and it's really no wonder it's so confusing for people to figure out where to submit their artwork.
The conclusion I've come to is simplicity.  While I'm not about to rip apart everything and make 6 stand alone categories, I do believe that there is a lot we can do to simplify the category tree.  That includes some of the following:
1. Merging categories that ma

For our part of the project, we will be considering restructuring the Photomanipulation and Mixed Media galleries.

In other words, we are looking for:

:bulletblue: Sub-categories that are superfluous and can be removed
:bulletblue: Sub-categories that need to be added
:bulletblue: Sub-categories that could be merged
:bulletblue: Sub-categories that are great and should be left alone

Both the Photomanipulation and the Mixed Media galleries have the following categories:

Abstract: Focus on the formal, non-representational aspect of imagery, emphasizing lines, colors, and generalized or geometric forms.

Animals & Plants: Feature animal or plant life as the main focus

Conceptual: The idea or message, and not the execution, is the main focus.

Dark: Dark theme or mood; having a mystical, obscure, sombre, grim or sinister expression.

Emotional: Intended to portray, evoke, or represent emotion.

Fantasy: Depict supernatural or magical themes, often relating to legend, myth, and enchanted creatures

Humorous: Intended to be satirical or amusing.

Landscapes & Scenery: Places or scenery, real or imaginary.

Macabre / Horror: Portray or evoke extreme fear, such as represented by blood and gore, or psychological terror

Other: Artwork that does not fit into any other category

People: Human characters, emotions, or actions as the main focus

Political: Represent current or historical events in the political arena or depicting political figures

Pop Art: Display objects or scenes from everyday life that employ techniques of commercial art and popular illustration

Sci-Fi: Science fiction art depicting speculative scientific discoveries, space travel and scenes, and otherworld life forms

Surreal: Defy the laws of logic and/or physics, creating often dreamlike scenery in which the impossible and implausible are depicted

Here's what I need from you


:bulletblue: What is missing? Is there a category you always wish you could submit to but it's not there?
:pointr: If something needs to be added, what kinds of things would go into it? Give me a description.

:bulletblue: What is superfluous (unnecessary)?

:bulletblue: Is there anything that needs to be combined?

:bulletblue: Other thoughts?

Ideas MEMBERS have come up with so far:

:bulletblue: Get rid of:
:pointr: Animals and Plants
:pointr: People
:pointr: Pop Art  --> Nothing but miscats and manipulations of illegal images

:bulletblue: Add:
:pointr: Digital Collage?
:pointr: Photo retouching (This would be in Mixed Media, but would it be its own category or be sorted into Abstract, Fantasy, etc.?)
:pointr: "Morphs" (into Digital Art > Other?)
:pointr: "Religious" as a new sub-category?
:pointr: "Children" as a new sub-category?
:pointr: "The Natural World" (with subcategories for Landscapes & Scenery, Animals, and Plants)
:pointr: "Action" as a category

What do you think? Do you agree? Let us know how you feel.

Looking forward to hearing what you have to say!



Gallery makeover plan for the Photomanipulation and Mixed Media galleries
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Elandria Featured By Owner May 3, 2013  Professional General Artist
Having compared the vast majority of other suggested gallery changes heres what I would change to provide more clarity and continuity between all other galleries

Merge "Abstract & Surreal"
Rename "People" to "People & Portraits"
Rename "Macabre/Horror" to "Macabre & Horror" (if it isn't already)
Rename "Scifi" to "Science Fiction"
Leave "Animals & Plants"
Leave "Landscapes & Scenery"
Remove "pop art"

I find the suggestions for "the natural world", "action", "children", "religious", "digital collage" unnecessary. The purpose of the makeover is to clarify and condense, not make more sub cats.

I do agree that adding a "photo retouching" sub cat to mixed media might be useful, as they are very clearly not photomanipulations.

I would even go so far to suggest removing "Emotional" & "Humorous" as they could be very easily merged into more significant categories like "conceptual" or "people & portraits"

ADamselinDesign Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
I must not understand the point in removing the "People" category but possibility of adding a "Children" category. Seems a bit counterproductive. True, sometimes it is hard to imagine kids as people lol totally kidding there!

I personally create art with a model being the main focus but that isn't necessarily "Dark," "Surreal," "Emotional," etc... so I think a general People category is necessary. I also think "Children" need a category themselves as it is not appropriate to have an artwork featuring a young child next to an artwork featuring nudity or very adult themes in the main photomanip/mixed media galleries.

Also, I'm not sure if anyone else suggested this or not, but what about a "Historical" category? I know a lot of artists, myself included, who love to create historically accurate artworks that do not fit in "Fantasy" or other categories. A "Historical" category could cover landscape/architectural scenes, antique/vintage technological artifacts as well as animals and people. Just a suggestion, anyway.
Aeirmid Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2013   Digital Artist
Yeah, I'm kinda vetoing removing people and adding Children.

"Historical" I think would currently go under People, but I will pass your suggestion along. Thanks! :)
zummerfish Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I myself often get confused about Mixed Media category, because frankly it's really hard to define and draw a line between that and photoedition. Even if it implies the usage of one single photosource, it's still vague to me. You can use absolutely one actual photo-source and still create a matte-painting, but that clearly is above in technique than just editing one single photographic source. I would personally suggest to replace/rename Mixed Media category with Digital Collage, and group single photosource editions into Photo Retouch. Digital Collage would be a great addition since it's a cross between digital sources and traditional feel.

It'd also make sense to me to merge Dark with Horror and Macabre and possibly Emotional; these are often very close and deal with darker/sadder sides of human emotions and feelings. Mering Landscapes/Animals/Plants into also sounds like good idea. Another possibly good way to get rid of superfluos categories would be merging of People and Political; both depict normal (as in non-fantasy) people anyway. I'm also strongly in favor of adding Action category, but I feel that adding Religious category is unnecessary and it would possibly cause a lot of controversy in a multi-confessional community. Children subcategory seems excessive to me, it can go fine if it was part of People.
Aeirmid Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2013   Digital Artist
thanks. this is great feedback. :hug:
slight-art-obsession Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2013   Digital Artist
The following is another opinion to add to the growing collection :giggle:

I heartily support a Natural World category, with Landscapes, Animals, Plants, etc. as sub cats. Can we have a separate cat for cities, towns, houses, ruins, etc.? They don't really fit into the Natural World, so it would make sense to have a separate Landscape/Scenery cat, with Natural and Man-made sub cats? That would mean leaving Landscapes out of the Natural World cat, though...
What about this:
Photomanipulation>*Our World>Plants
Photomanipulation>*Our World>Animals (could even combine Plants and Animals)
Photomanipulation>*Our World>Landscape/Scenery>Natural
Photomanipulation>*Our World>Landscape/Scenery>Cityscape (or Man-made or something along those lines)
Photomanipulation>*Our World>Landscape/Scenery>Space (since not all works are Sci-Fi or Fantasy - could include Natural and City scapes that use galaxies and nebulae and planets for skies)

*Our World / Natural World / Planet Earth :shrug:

I would hate to see a Morph category, mostly because I hate seeing morphs :P While it would be nice to shove them all off into their own little corner, they would still show up if you were just browsing general manipulations/digital art (we would HAVE to narrow our scope to a specific category just to avoid them - much like we already do... hmm). No easy solution to that one, is there?

Keep People - sometimes it's fun to just work with a pretty face, no concept beyond beauty (Portraits). Children would be a great sub cat (think some of =Dezzan's works).

I love the idea of Retouch work having its own separate category...

Action - how did no one think of this before?! I think it's a great idea. Action/Adventure?

Definitely keep Dark and Horror/Macabre separate. Dark can deal with sorrow, anger or unspecified fears (it's hard to define without being too definite) while Horror/Macabre goes beyond just dark - blood, death, nightmares brought to life.

Having a Religious category could be a good thing, if done with care. We've all seen what happens when some people see something they don't agree with... It seems like you would almost have to have sub cats for different religions. Christianity (all encompassing - untold numbers of denominations), Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Wicca... That way, you're not necessarily seeing works that would potentially offend you.
But then how do you approach the lesser known or practiced religions? Would it be considered offensive to have a Various sub cat?

I never poke around the Pop Art gallery or even the Political... They kinda seem like they could maybe be folded into the Other cat? I just noticed a particular manip that could be classified as Fan Art (Loki from the new Avengers series), Political (done in the original Obama Hope poster style), Pop Art maybe (because of that style being used in so many applications now, not just the Political). It's under Photomanipulation, so it's technically a miscat, but that's besides the point at the moment.

Abstract - reading your above definition makes me wonder how many actual Abstract manipulations there are. I think a lot of them (I should probably look first) would probably be better categorized as Conceptual? If so, then do we need the Abstract cat? Just took a peek, yeah, the majority of the works are more conceptual, rather than focusing on colors/lines...

Sorry this was so long! I didn't think I would this much to say about the restructuring! :lmao:
Aeirmid Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2013   Digital Artist
I'm glad you went long. :) Thanks for the very many interesting things to think about!
eveningstars242 Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I think digital collage would be the new miscats and illegal images or just cut and paste images with no art function.
And when you speak of "morphs" are you referring to the images that just use the warp tool and make people/things look "pregnant" or "fat" (not my word just using what is in the titles of these "art images") or adding muscles? I don't think that deserves a category. (if I'm wrong on that and really have no clue what you are talking about ignore me on that last bit)
I agree to leave the >people category, and the Natural World with sub/cats sounds cool. Photo-retouch Should be it's own category. It's not manipulation and (just my opinion) not technically mix media. When I think mixed media I think digital/traditional painting/drawings/airbrushing manipulated with photographs to create a manip.

You all do so much work!! Good luck with the sorting. I swear you should be sainted for your patience!!
Aeirmid Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2013   Digital Artist
eveningstars242 Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
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