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PE Photomanip: Art with a Concept

Thu Jun 7, 2012, 4:52 AM

What is Conceptual Art?

Answer: Conceptual art deals with ideas rather than with the final product. It is "art in which the idea behind a particular work, and the means of producing it, are more important than the finished work."

"Conceptual art is art in which the concept(s) or idea(s) involved in the work take precedence over traditional aesthetic and material concerns."…

Conceptual art, a movement conceived in the 1960s, stresses the artist's concept rather than the art object itself. Conceptual art grew out of minimalism and "turned the artist's thoughts and ideas themselves into the primary artistic medium, appealing to the spectator's intellect instead of emotions."…

Conceptual art is often confused with Surreal and Abstract because often they have some of the same elements. However, Conceptual art differs from Surreal because it does not have a "disorienting quality of a dream" as deviantART defines it; more often than not, Surreal makes the viewer feel that the scene that they are looking can be possible, just unreal. In addition, Conceptual is not Abstract, because, in Abstract, art objects and shapes are not usually recognizable. Instead, Conceptual photomanipulations, as defined by deviantART, are deviations "with the intent to convey a concept rather than focus on the subject shown."

When I had asked crilleb50 how he defines art, he wrote:

I'm not quite sure if I know what conceptual art is really. If I think logically about it, for me, it should be a specific thing, person, or whatever that has other things around it, associated to each other. One specific object surrounded with similar more diffuse objects. If you understand how I mean.

Three of crilleb50's favorite conceptual deviants are dapper-owl, pekthong,and eclipsy

Choices by eclipsyserenity by pekthongMatter of Time by dapper-owl

Here is a sample of Conceptual works by crilleb50:
The Challenge by crilleb50Technology by crilleb50Balloon Maker by crilleb50

When I asked Bark how he comes up with the ideas for his conceptual art, he wrote:

The ideas for my work are a mixture of everything I've ever read, viewed, heard, and dreamed. Everything swirls around in a concrete mixer in my head until the right blend is achieved; then an idea will pour out.

Actually, what Bark wrote above is known as Conceptual writing. He also states that "Conceptual is simply illustrating an idea."

My three of my favorite deviations by Bark are:

Below are some stock images that I found by putting Conceptual into the Search box and following  Resources and Stock Images >Stock.

Paining a Rose Red - Exclusive Stock by somadjinnStock 0083 - Steampunk Apple by EverythingIsInStock:thumb206516133:Premade BK Stock 410 by FairieGoodMother
Hand fountain by ApplesAndCinnamon:thumb276805305:
Man Feeling Unplugged by thesupe87Walking On Air by leeroi1-stockSurreal Dark Background by mysticmorning
:thumb109047509:Surreal Fantasy Background by mysticmorningJenny 022 by FairieGoodMother

Some Conceptual Photomanipulations I found by putting "Conceptual" into the search box:

If  you're interested in creating Conceptual art, it helps to look at the stock available to you here, or legitimate stock accounts on the internet, free your mind of everything you know about fine and digital art, and let the image simply exist. Because the idea behind the art is more important than the "what." 


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Thanks SO much for all these Project Education tutorials - huge help to a relative newcomer struggling to come to grips with the different genres.
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glad they are useful to you! :)
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Conceptual photomanipulation. :heart:
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Such a great article! :clap: Im loving even more this PM week! :love:
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Great article and artists! :clap:
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