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Submitted on
October 2, 2012
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Welcome to our official tutorial challenge!

Another tutorial challenge? YES! Keep reading!

Part of "illumination" is learning, expanding our horizons, and helping others learn as well. So, this time we are not going to USE tutorials. Rather, we are going to MAKE them. :XD: :excited:

What you have to do

Your job is as follows:

:bulletpink: Take a critical look at your gallery. What are your strengths as an artist? What are you really good at doing? Are you known for your light and shadow? Color use? "Glow" effects? Do you do skin well? Can you paint really well? Are you a master of masks? What do people compliment you on?

:bulletpink: Create a detailed tutorial, with examples, of how you achieve this effect or do this technique. It does not have to involve the creation of a new deviation. You can explain how you did this effect in an old deviation or just with stock without making it a full deviation. 

:bulletpink: Your tutorial can be for any program as long as it is for photomanipulation.

:bulletpink: Your tutorial must be UNIQUE. Do not turn in an old tutorial you've already written or copy someone else's. It must be made after October 1st, 2012.

:bulletpink: You should give step-by-step instructions, with screen shots, of what you are doing. It does not need to be long, but it should be detailed.

:bulletpink: Turn it in to the Tutorial Challenge Oct 2012 folder at CRPhotomanipulation by 11:59 PM Pacific Time (2:59 PM Eastern time, 7:59 AM GMT) on October 28th.

What are the prizes?

:bulletpink: One winner: 4,000 points
:bulletpink: One runner-up: 2,000 points


Aeirmid, nikkidoodlesx3, StarsColdNight, and possibly others to be named

Judging criteria

What are we looking for?

:bulletpink: Effectiveness (Can we walk through it and do it right?)
:bulletpink: Clarity of explanation (Does it make sense? Can you follow it?)
:bulletpink: Usefulness of topic (Is this something we need to know?)
:bulletpink: Appearance (What does the tutorial LOOK like?)

Questions? Leave them here, and we'll be glad to answer! :heart:

Happy tutorial-ating! :XD: :heart:

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hola yo aun estoy empezando a conocer las herramientas :(
Aeirmid Nov 10, 2012   Digital Artist
One must join that group in order to do the PE contest?
Aeirmid Oct 14, 2012   Digital Artist
nope it should be that anyone can submit
MaliciaRoseNoire Oct 6, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
I hesitate to participate, my weak point is the French to English translation :(...
Aeirmid Oct 6, 2012   Digital Artist
You can use a translator, and if worse comes to worst, i can help with some wording. Je parle un peu de francias, mais pas tres bien. :D
MaliciaRoseNoire Oct 6, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
Oh ok ^^ ! It's kind of you, thank you ! I'll try to make one then :) !
ORcaMAn001 Oct 6, 2012  Professional Filmographer
my question is that my manipulations which involve photoshop to a great deal end up being turned into animations, so I am wondering would that qualify, The work done in photoshop allows you to in turn be able to make smooth animations. So I use using a variety of masks, Ancher points, Painting , but the key points for my talent is taking 2D poser creations & giving them motion
Aeirmid Oct 6, 2012   Digital Artist
OK, so just so am clear, you want to make an animation tutorial?
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