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EDIT: Closed replies because I don't see the point in arguing further.

Hi gang,

Wanted to address a couple of concerns that have come my way recently and maybe provide some answers so that we all can work together to make a positive change in this community.

There haven't been a lot of photomanip DDs posted lately. That's not because I don't want to post them or am punishing people-- trust me, I wish I could post a good, strong DD every day. I do not do so because most of the suggestions I get do not meet my specifications.

What are my DD specifications?

Before you suggest, you should read my DD guidelines.In case you need a reminder, here is a short, short version:

  • A deviant can only have 1 DD every 6 months. There are absolutely no exceptions to this rule.
  • All stock must be legitimate. You cannot just find a random picture via Google and use it in your manipulations. Every site has rules. For example, if you use Wiki "stock," you must list your MANIPULATION under Creative Commons so that others can use it; their policy is "share and share alike." I won't DD pieces that use stock from sources like this.
  • The piece must be technically excellent. Just because your art is accepted in the latest, greatest "elite" group doesn't mean it is excellent, and group acceptance has nothing to do with DD acceptance. Technical excellence means that your lighting, composition, and blending are all near-perfect. There are many tutorials out there regarding what these are and how to achieve them, so I will not belabor the point here.
  • The piece must stand out from other pieces in the photomanip gallery. I won't DD a cliche piece unless it is really, really phenomenal.
  • You CAN suggest yourself.
  • Send me a THUMB, not a link, of the deviation you are suggesting.

Why are DD suggestions so important?

Why can't I just find the DDs all on my own, right? I spend at least an hour every day looking for them. But, it is not fair for the entire burden of finding and featuring DDs to fall on the CV. This is OUR community, and if we cannot work together, it will fail. So, instead of complaining about the lack of DDs, why not suggest?

Actually, this point can be extended a bit wider. It is not the CV's responsibility to run this community. It is not up to me to be familiar with every piece of art that is posted, clean every piece of non-art that finds its way to our galleries, and plan AND carry out all of our activities. This is OUR community, and in the absence of teamwork nothing will get done. The answer is not finding another CV; it is changing the mindset of our community from "YOU can do it" to "WE can do it." How can we work together to make this community better?

I very much look forward to receiving suggestions from you, and I thank you for your attention.


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