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November 14, 2013
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What happened?

We are pleased to announce the winners of the Halloween Murder Mystery Contest that was run through Halloween-HQ! First, let us tell you exactly what happened.

The killer was the Queen of Hearts. Ruthless and cold, she set out to kill Prince Charming for repeatedly spurning her unwanted shows of affection. She used a thin knife and struck when the lights went out during the castle ball. Quickly realizing what she had done and that she had gotten the wrong victim, she fled across Fairyland, through the dark forest, and back to her own castle.


Well, we originally had 3 prizes: 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place based on scores from the characters you visited. (You didn't know you were being scored, did you?) :XD: But, when we ended up with 825 participants, we figured we needed to up the prizes a bit, too. Moonbeam13 over in Community Relations is a goddess, and she made the prizes even BIGGER!

So, now EACH winner of this part of the competition will receive 3,000 dA points and a $30 print of their choosing. There will be five winners in total.

And the winners are . . .

Highest Scores: MirachRavaia, SilverInkblot, AND elphaba-rose-wilde

Most Thorough Investigation and Most Creative Answers (combined): Seiikii AND pyohappy

ALL participants will receive pumpkin badges for their work! (Please be patient while we get them to you.)

Next steps

Winners, when you decide which print you would like to have, please add it to your wishlist in the proper size and format you desire and note Aeirmid so she can pass your prize request on to Moonbeam13. Don't forget to make sure your wishlist address is up-to-date! :D

If you haven't already, please consider joining the Art Creation portion of the contest!! Show or tell us how YOU pictured the murder scene!! This second portion of the contest ends on 30 November.

We are happy to post the winning entries, but we will do so in a separate blog.


Please join me in thanking Beccalicious for writing the opening story/journal. Please also join me in thanking the following individuals for playing characters. With more than 800 people playing, that's 800 notes for us to go through and 800 (sometimes more) replies to write. Please go love on their pages and thank them for their hard work in getting it done:

Birdhousebirdy (The King)
SavageFrog (Prince Charming)
Beccalicious (Red Riding Hood)
RoamingShadow (Aurora)
SingingFlames (Hansel & Gretel)
Anoya (Goldilocks)
CelticStrm-Stock (Lucifer)
Astralseed (Ariel)
rainylake (The Ghostly Grackle)
Emerald-Depths (Belle)
3wyl (Flora)
ginkgografix (Rapunzel)
GrimFace242 (Cheshire Cat)
Lyricanna (Snow White)
Thiefoworld (The Beast)
BlueEyedStalker (Joyce)
Magical525 (Troll Witch)
maytel (Alice)
diphylla (Tinkerbell)
FaeMarie (Peter Pan)
PirateLotus-Stock (Grumpy)
SparklyDest (Miss Muffett)
rydi1689 (The Blacksmith)
neurotype (Headless Horseman)
LoverandSynner (Forest Demon)
MotleyDreams (Ghost of Cinderella's Mother)
Aeirmid (The King's Assistant / The Queen of Hearts)

Tune in again next year for another shenanigan, though this year's will be difficult to beat! Thank you for participating and for all you've done for making this activity a great success. :heart:

Skin design by Thiefoworld
Resources by WebTreatsETC, DougitDesign and ftourini
Please join us in congratulating the winners of %Halloween-HQ's Halloween Murder Mystery Contest!
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tabiruu Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2014  Hobbyist
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Kida-neechan Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2014
I kinda wish that I joined this contest a bit earlier ;A;
MikuPro Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
MikuPro Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
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